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RESTful-API von telegram

Extensive control commands for calls can be given via the RESTful API. Furthermore, the retrieval of information (e.g. call duration) and the modification of configuration objects can be controlled. In addition to the standard HTTP API, the telegra ACD also offers a callback API for asynchronous status notifications. Depending on the configuration, notifications are transmitted as HTTP-HEAD, GET or PUT requests.

Callback API

All telegra systems have a powerful API: they allow extensive integration into existing third-party systems and thus offer you the possibility to map all telephone call centre functionalities in other solutions. For example, you can control the telegra call centre software completely from an existing CRM or helpdesk.

Even better: with the right plug-in for your tool, you can integrate telegra telephony with a simple click of the mouse. Find out whether your tool is included:

About the plug-ins

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