Helpdesk- and CRM-plugins

Integration at the click of a mouse

Zendesk-Plugin für die Integration ins telegra Contact Center

Telephony at the click of a mouse

With our plug-ins for the leading sales, CRM or helpdesk tools, we offer you an easy way to integrate our contact centre software for telephony (ACD) into your technical infrastructure without any effort. With our plug-ins, all it takes is a mouse click.

This way, you work with the best tools from both worlds and do not have to be satisfied with any compromises in function and efficiency. Benefit from over 20 years of experience in business telephony and ensure convincing customer service on the phone as well.

More about the contact centre software

Our software integrates seamlessly into your infrastructure and work processes.

  • Gewohnte Arbeitsumgebung

    Your agents work in their familiar tools.

  • Plugin einfach integrieren

    Simple integration of the plug-in with a mouse click.

  • Effizienzsteigerung

    Huge increase in efficiency.

  • Kundendaten einsehen

    Customer data is available to the agent when the call is answered.

  • Unkomplizierte Ticketerstellung

    Create tickets directly from the call.

  • Business telephony from the specialist with a personal contact person.

Sales, Helpdesk und CRM-Integration ins telegra Contact Center

You use your tools: We deliver the telephony

We offer you ready-made CRM plug-ins for various tools that simply need to be installed with a click of the mouse. They provide extensive telephony functions in the interface of your software that is already in use. Of course, some providers also offer their own telephone modules. However, we offer you a personal contact in Germany, 20 years of experience in the field of business and call centre telephony, considerably more functionality and better prices for a comparable scope of services.

Is your tool not included? Then contact us. Via our API, we can integrate into any software that has an interface.

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We are here for you

You would like to get in touch with us regarding the use of a plug-in? We are always happy to help and advise you.