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More and more people are working and communicating via MS Teams. And for good reason: widespread use, simple operation and seamless connectivity in the Microsoft Office world speak for the use of this solution. From announcements to queues to hunt groups: With Microsoft Teams telephony from telegra, you are optimally connected.

So how would it be if not only audio connections, chats or web conferences could take place via MS Teams, but also telephone calls that previously had to be answered on the telephone? What if MS Teams also replaced the telephone system? Clever, isn’t it? We can help you with that.

Microsoft Teams Telefonie am Arbeitsplatz

The telegra complete package for MS Teams

We make sure that you can also be reached on the telephone network with MS Teams. This is what we offer you:

  • Reachability from the public telephone network
  • Telephone numbers from all area codes
  • A separate extension for each account
  • Simple scaling from 10 to 1000 channels
  • Direct switching within 24 hours
  • Entire communication in one tool
  • Use of many innovative telephony features


We support you with the telephony integration

Reachable worldwide with Teams. We make sure that you can also use MS Teams as a telephone system in the future.

What you need for phone integration

  • MS Teams Lizenzen

    Microsoft Teams licences

    The basis for telephony in MS Teams are your Teams licences. You need E3 or E5 licences for this. If you have an E3 licence, you also need to add the “Phone System”. Contact your Microsoft partner for further information.

  • Session Border Controller

    Session Border Controller

    A certified session border controller is needed as a “bridge” between the MS Teams world and the public telephone network. This is exactly what we offer as a service in a complete package and is always included when you make calls via MS Teams.

  • SIP Trunk

    Last but not least, a SIP trunk is required, which also provides the telephone numbers and thus the accessibility in the public telephone network. The trunk also comes from us as the telephone network operator and is included in the package.

Questions and answers about Microsoft Teams Telephony

  • Yes, MS Teams can also be used as a telephone system. You only need:

    • Microsoft Teams licences (E3 or E5 licences)
    • a Session Border Controller (offered by telegra in the Teams package)
    • a SIP Trunk (offered by telegra in the Teams package)
  • Yes, after the telephone integration, telephoning into the fixed network is possible. All Outlook contacts are fully synchronised and can be reached directly via MS Teams. Existing landline numbers can be easily connected.

  • Microsoft Teams is more versatile due to the other Office 365 collaboration tools. Because these can also be integrated into the communication platform.

  • Yes, MS Teams maps your phone to the device you use and works as software or softphone. On the smartphone, telephony works via the MS Teams app.

  • Yes, as soon as MS Teams is integrated as a telephone system, you can also make external calls.

    It works like this:

    • Select Calls.
    • Enter the name or an external number to call someone. With telegra Teams integration, you can also call people over the phone network who do not use Teams.
    • Click on Call and make a call.
  • These telephone functions are possible with MS Teams:

    • Simple call control: e.g. divert the office number to the mobile phone to be reachable and make calls on the move
    • Make, answer, transfer and forward incoming and outgoing calls
    • Transfer calls between devices
    • Make calls using a headset on a laptop or computer
    • Set up call forwarding, call forwarding and ringing groups
    • Voicebox with speech recognition and automatic delivery to the inbox
    • Transcribe calls automatically
    • Make calls in the car with Apple Carplay
  • The answer is yes! With MS Teams, you can not only hold video conferences, but also operate a fully-fledged telephone system. The costs for using MS Teams as a telephone system are very low and you do not have to make any expensive hardware investments. In addition, the telegra integration gives you access to all necessary telephony functions such as call forwarding, parallel ringing, call forwarding or time routing.

  • With MS Teams as your telephone system, you don’t have to buy expensive hardware devices or set up costly network connections. Instead, each employee can use their own device for telephone communication. This significantly reduces the cost savings for calls addressed to external persons. In addition, MS Teams can also be used as a telephone system to support video conferencing. This means that communication between different locations is simplified and the team can work together even better.

Additional functions: Do more with MS Teams

Unleash the full power

We make sure that with MS Teams Telephony you no longer have to do without any features that you may be used to from your previous telephone system. It has never been easier to take the step into the VoIP world. From announcements to waiting fields to hunt groups.

Simple and easy connection

With MS Teams telephony from telegra, you are optimally connected.
With us as your partner, connecting MS Teams to the telephone network is child’s play. You have the Microsoft licences, we supply the rest and everything you need for the connection as a complete package.

  • Routing

    Route calls differently in the morning than in the afternoon. Let different lines ring in parallel. Or switch a different announcement on Sundays and public holidays than on weekdays.

  • Prompts

    Change your prompts simply with a click of the mouse. Create announcements that present your company individually and professionally. Simply upload and assign to a routing. Done.

  • Waiting Queues

    Define queues that ensure that no call is lost. Configure that a caller is offered a callback after 30 seconds or is directed to the mailbox.

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