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IVR was yesterday. Today it’s AI.

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With the help of artificial intelligence, our VoiceBot ensures that simple standard queries do not result in valuable agent time being blocked for the really important things in the customer dialogue:

The individual and high-quality help with advice-intensive concerns.

Your VoiceBot from telegra takes care of the rest. Quite simply.

About the features

Unleash the huge potential of intelligent automation

  • Request identification

    The VoiceBot recognises the concerns of your callers on a semantic level with the help of artificial intelligence. It can give direct answers, initiate forwarding to other agent groups or perform database queries.

  • Voice FAQs

    In many service centres, the share of recurring standard enquiries is between 20 and 30 percent. In future, our VoiceBot will be able to process these questions automatically and on a closed-case basis.

  • Shipment tracking

    Automate the answering of consignment information on the phone in no time at all: Enter the consignment number and find out the consignment status directly and automatically. Very simple.

Key figures that speak for themselves:

    increase in First Caller Resolution Rate (FCR)
    less processing time overall
    less caller waiting time in relation to total volume
    increasing customer satisfaction

A good voicebot costs zero

If you’re thinking about how much a voicebot will cost, you’re thinking about the wrong thing. Used correctly, this solution offers unique savings opportunities by automating your service processes. Admittedly: The above values are maximum values that customers may achieve. It’s best if we take a look at your very specific use case together.


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The VoiceBot says exactly what you enter as text.

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Identify requests

The VoiceBot recognises completely freely spoken concerns of the caller.

The voicebot that works like Alexa and Co.

You use Siri and Alexa as a matter of course in your everyday life? Your customers do too. So it’s time to take your service structures to the next level thanks to a digital helper.

No more IVR.

You want to retire cumbersome IVR and voice menus? This VoiceBot allows callers to speak to it in exactly the same way as they are already used to from the familiar digital helpers: Requests can be formulated in free sentences, which are recognised by the system with a high degree of accuracy.

Powerful features

  • Multi-level IVR menus are replaced by a simple question and the direct recognition of the call request.

  • Simple routing: After recognising the call request, the system can forward to any destination (e.g. your agents) or give a direct answer.

  • Just get started: The system integrates into any existing ICT infrastructure without any effort.

  • All configurations and the entire administration are browser-based in HTML5.

  • In accordance with GDPR and from the German cloud from one of the leading service telephony experts on the market.

  • The system learns permanently and independently increases the rate of successfully recognised questions.

Automation for better service

  • No more annoying IVR menus

    In future, your callers can simply formulate their call request freely. The VoiceBot ensures that the call is routed to the right place in your service centre. The caller’s concern is recognised with a high degree of accuracy. And if it doesn’t work out that way, you can define what should happen: Forward the call directly to an agent.

  • Voice FAQs for standard enquiries

    Many service centres are facing a high percentage of simple standard enquiries. In future, these enquiries can be automated and answered much more quickly at any time. This means that valuable resources can be used for conversations that are still best conducted person-to-person in the future.

  • Analyse spoken language statistically

    The system transcribes spoken language into text in real time. This means that the contents of dialogues are now machine-readable. For the first time, you can also evaluate the content of conversation data, include it in statistics or display the content of upstream dialogue chains to the agent when answering a call.

The most important functions of our VoiceBot

Define concerns

The concept of the telegra VoiceBot is based on the fact that you can teach the machine to recognise certain concerns. To be clear from the outset: The system will not recognise requests that you do not define. So as a first step, think about what your callers want to know in most cases. Start with the standard questions. You can configure the system so that attachments that are not recognised are forwarded directly to an agent. After a certain period of time, you simply check your statistics to see which requests have not yet been recognised by the bot and define appropriate answers for these requests as well.

Requesting information

It is also possible to use the bot to query customer data and compare the results with a sub-system via http request. In the other direction, your sub-system can – depending on the result – “tell” the bot what it should do next.

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The telegra VoiceBot is made by us:

Axel Schmitz-Tewes Leiter Innovation der telegra GmbH
From the very beginning, we wanted to develop a tool that is easy to use and integrate on the one hand, and on the other hand fully exploits the current possibilities in speech recognition and AI technology.
Axel Schmitz-Tewes
Head of Innovations

The best connection: Contact Centre Software with VoiceBot

Our VoiceBot works in any ICT environment and with any telephone system or ACD in the world. But it works especially well with telegra Contact Centre software.

If you are interested in the following functions, you should take a look at the product page:

  • Recognised concerns and messages are converted into text and displayed to the agent before the call is answered.
  • Based on recognised concerns, special agent groups can be routed (skill routing).
  • Merging of telephony and bot statistics with completely new insights

Find out about the advantages of using telegra’s Contact Centre software in combination with the VoiceBot.

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